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December 5, 2013 / elandar1

Moving Forward

TheSphereOpenGLBeginningHello there. It has been some time since I had much of an update, but I have a good update now. Claudius II and The Sphere are marching forward and coming to life. We have developed a Scene Manager, Scene Class, and objects class allowing us to change scenes a lot easier. With the intent of being able to load scenes in in the background without interfering with the game. While keeping a pointer to the objects, the resources can be loaded when the scene loads reducing the amount of memory used to store all the different objects. Allowing us to not slow down the play of the game.
I am working on building a loader to load the scenes from a file format designed, at the moment I am thinking of using a xml like format, that would allow us to read it in fairly easy with the various xml loaders. Very much like Claudius it will allow us more freedom to add and remove objects from the game instead of rebuilding the program each time we change an object.
One issue pressing issue is how to create dynamic events, I am thinking of loading in a script that will be read on the load. I do not have much experience with this and it is something that I will have to research more.
I decided that to use the glfw library with OpenGL instead of GLUT or freeglut and it seems to be working well appearing to be better designed for games. I am having a little difficulty with the resizing of the window at the moment, but I believe it should be fairly solvable.
The Sphere is moving forward and is coming to life. I plan to have more updates on here more frequently and see it become the reality we envision it to be.


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