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October 25, 2011 / racoonacoon

A hop, skip, and a jump


A lot of stuff has happened in the past four months. I embraced the pony within and admitted my deep love for MLP:FiM, I dropped out of college, I was blessed with two jobs, I purchased a NetFlix subscription, and I lost all the hair on my head.

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Unfortuantly, though a fair deal has happened in my strain of existence, not much has happened with The Sphere. One of the larger reasons is that, when working full tilt, 50 hours of my week magically goes away. The other is that, when I do have free time, I am generally working on getting an old game of mine (Didgery) ported over to PC, or watching NetFlix (or fantasizing about Equestria.) Didgery’s port is pretty much completed, although I still have to spend a bit of time finishing up all the Forbidden Parchment story line stuff. If I want it to be really good I also need to integrate with the goodies offered by the portals I plan to distribute on, such as IndieCity’s or Desura’s achievement wrappers. I was able to integrate with IndieCity’s ICE library in a single day, so I guess I need to focus on Desura next. After that I need to start getting in contact with Indie Press Sites so they will hopefully give it a review. Ahh, the life of an Indie.

So here I was minding my own business yesterday when all of the sudden I get a call from a Mr. CJ on Skeep. I promptly reject the call, plug in my headphones, and call him back. Turns out that he has the itch to work on The Sphere again. We talked for roughly an hour, during which we both describe our current situation with life/time, and discover that both of us are  busy little critters. Basically, work on The Sphere is going to move slow for a while, but that is not to say that work will not get done. I’m going to attempt and split my time between Didgery and the Claudius Graphics Engine (Claudius is our in-house engine that The Sphere will be built on) so at least some work will be getting done.

We also went over some of the things that we really need to get into the engine as a first pass to allow smooth development with The Sphere. At the core we will need to engineer a SceneGraph and its associated managers to allow our 3D games to render efficiently. We will also need to build a Vector/Matrix library (perhaps with AVX and SSE support), and finalize windowing management with SDL. CJ suggested that we integrate Bullet into Claudius so that we can have professional grade physics. We will also need solid support for shaders, a method to input meshes, and an efficient and workable component-oriented architecture.

CJ made mention of developing an in-game level editor. While I like the idea, I suggested we lower the priority on that one, as developing a solid user interface that smoothly integrates with the complex back-ends of a graphics system can be very complicated. (Form development in and of itself tends to be somewhat easy, but it always manages to be very time consuming in one way or another.) When/If we do get around to doing this, however, I think we should keep the QT framework in mind, as it could prove to be a great way to build the editor in a cross-platform way.

There is a TON of stuff to get done. CJ and I make a pretty good team, though, so I think we can do it, assuming we can find the time. Wish us luck!


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  1. anonymous / Nov 30 2011 7:00 pm

    man when will this game ever been made jeez I hope it does not take as long as duke nukem

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