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April 25, 2011 / elandar1

Neat effects

Water: We have implemented water now with deferred shading and it looks nice and it runs fairly well. At first when we put deferred shading and water in the water would appear over the other objects in the scene. This was fixed by us sampling the depth buffer to see where the objects should appear. We hope to put in reflections once we can effectively render the scene again without taking a serious hit to our frame rates.

Particle Systems (trail): We also had wanted to have a trail on our sphere when it is rolling around. How we had it set up it was a little difficult to access the position of sphere. So we set up so that we could name the objects in object registry and then at a later time call the objects in sphere get the position and then have the object update and render like all the other objects. Calling an instance of the trail particle system would not give the effect that is desired because the skybox would render over the trail, and the only way the player could see the trail is if there is an object that renders before it already there.

Transitions: We are using render targets to help with our transitions. At the moment it is very costly and rather difficult to do to render from one scene to another. We hope to be putting in a scene class that will hold all the information for each level and when it is called the scene will load up and render everything in that scene. Allowing us to transition from one scene to another in a smooth transition. The great thing is our scenes have been implemented so this is feasible now =).

3D sound: I have finished implementing audio3D on top of xaudio2. It has stereo, attenuation distance, and (hoping untested at the moment) 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. We will be also implementing reverb effects for all the sounds now so that the atmosphere of the game seems more realistic with the sound echoing off the surroundings and give a more realistic feel to the environment. It was a very long process with the emitter listener and the the 3D audio engines parameters that needed to be set, but well worth it when finished.


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