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March 24, 2011 / elandar1

Fire,Water, and all those cool things.

Hey, so as the other programmer to Sphere I thought I should probably write a blog on here sometime so here is goes. I have currently been working on implementing different aspects to our game to give it a more realistic feel. I am currently in the process of implementing water, and it is coming along smoothly for the most part. One problem we are having is making the water look realistic. One part of that is making the water “see through” the closer it is to the terrain. We discovered that it possible to access the depth buffer through directx10. Clinton is currently is working on that testing to see if it works. Meanwhile, I am working on getting all the different aspects of water implemented that do not require the depth buffer. That is the reason why they just look like a blue plane but it does have amplitude and steepness implemented at the moment and will soon be moving on its own based on time.

We had to do some restructuring of our Render Target Manager so that it will allow the programmer to use different Render Targets in one pass reducing the number of draw calls per frame (draw calls are very expensive to frames per sec.).

Last but not least we have our particle systems fully implemented and it was a lot of fun. They are completely GPU based as well, or in other words they are updated on the Graphics Processing Unit and then rendered. Currently we have two types of particles that we can use rain and fire, but as soon as we are finished with water I would suspect to see a couple more be incorporated like a trail for the ball, smoke, snow to name a few.

PS I know i don’t write as much as Clinton, I am new to this blog thing so bear with me…


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