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March 8, 2011 / racoonacoon

Levels, Sounds, and Scripts, Oh My!

So I finally found the time to pull myself away from engine development to work a bit on an integrated level exporter within Blender. I have to admit that it was pretty fun to work on (I feel like such a nerd right now :\)! It took a few minutes to find out how Blender’s 2.5 python interface is structured (being beta it really isn’t documented all that well) but after pushing and shoving a bit I was able to come up with something that works pretty well. Check out the awesome screen shot below:

The script is far from complete, but it can currently output all the lights in the scene into a format CJ’s level loader can understand. It feels pretty amazing to be able to position all the lights within Blender and have it output it into a format our game can easily read in. It is awesome! The goal is to eventually integrate everything enough to use Blender as a full-on game editor. In theory this is possible, since Blender’s 2.5 interface is entirely scriptible. Only time will tell if we will be able to integrate it that heavily though.

But anyway, CJ and I are making pretty good progress. I have to say that our ‘project’ is gradually becoming less of a ‘project’ and more of a game, a fact that makes me quite happy. CJ recently built a new level (in editor above), and I spent a couple days texturing everything and getting this light exporter to work. CJ also got a decent XAudio2 Sound manager working as well, so now The Sphere is able to have a nice audio-visual atmosphere. This is more or less the first real level our game has had so far. Check out some screens below:


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