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December 5, 2013 / elandar1

Moving Forward

TheSphereOpenGLBeginningHello there. It has been some time since I had much of an update, but I have a good update now. Claudius II and The Sphere are marching forward and coming to life. We have developed a Scene Manager, Scene Class, and objects class allowing us to change scenes a lot easier. With the intent of being able to load scenes in in the background without interfering with the game. While keeping a pointer to the objects, the resources can be loaded when the scene loads reducing the amount of memory used to store all the different objects. Allowing us to not slow down the play of the game.
I am working on building a loader to load the scenes from a file format designed, at the moment I am thinking of using a xml like format, that would allow us to read it in fairly easy with the various xml loaders. Very much like Claudius it will allow us more freedom to add and remove objects from the game instead of rebuilding the program each time we change an object.
One issue pressing issue is how to create dynamic events, I am thinking of loading in a script that will be read on the load. I do not have much experience with this and it is something that I will have to research more.
I decided that to use the glfw library with OpenGL instead of GLUT or freeglut and it seems to be working well appearing to be better designed for games. I am having a little difficulty with the resizing of the window at the moment, but I believe it should be fairly solvable.
The Sphere is moving forward and is coming to life. I plan to have more updates on here more frequently and see it become the reality we envision it to be.

January 30, 2013 / elandar1

Come back from the abyss and The Sphere in the future.

We have been rather busy with work and school, but trying to make a little bit of time to get it further along. We both want to see it done so right now I will be working on it solo. As well as finishing my last semester at school.

As we stated before but just a reminder we are going to be using C++ as our language of choice and using OpenGl, OpenAL, and Bullet. They are all open source and allow us to ship it if we choose to. I have been rather excited about this project, but it seemes to keep getting pushed farther and farther back on the release date. It will be finished though.

I recently put linux on my computer so now I have linux and windows on my computers so that I can test it on another platform when we need to. I am heading back to the drawing board to see what all I have planned since it has been a while, and plan to see if there are any improvements that I need to commence upon it.


April 30, 2012 / elandar1

Finals Week and ECGC =)

So, got back from the East Coast Game Conference on Friday. I learned a great deal on how to make myself more marketable, to start developing my own “brand”. I have some work to do with my portfolio and resume, but I hope in the end it will be well worth it.

This week is finals week for me so that is on my mind, and then right after that I will über amounts of time to devote to finishing with “The Sphere”. I got some of Clinton’s code that he worked on, before he got really busy, and that was a great boost seeing as he had it being able to be resized at anytime. I am hoping that by the end of May I will have physics, graphics, and 3-D sound tested and working. I know ambitious, but I think I can do it.

For a reminder we are using Bullet physics engine, OpenGL, SDL (Simple Direct Library), and OpenAL. I am enjoying it even the headaches that occur at times with them, and learning them more and more each time.

Oh, I will be trying to pick a few contract jobs on O’Desk over the summer as well (the site that is stealing Clinton’s soul), though progress on “The Sphere” will continue, of that I am sure.

March 27, 2012 / elandar1

void Update(){

cout<<“So I thought I would update you all on some more stuff that is going on. I am proud to announce that I will be at the East Coast Game Conference volunteering my time, and helping out. I am also now engaged, and one of the major game project that was taking up time was with that so I should have more time now to work on Claudius II and The Sphere. I plan to have two managers done by the end of this week. Graphics and Physics. As a reminder we are using OpenGL for our graphics library, and for Physics we will be using the Bullet Physics Engine. I am rather excited by all the things going on and will have some images of things I have coded up soon.”<<“Thank you all for following and keep it up!!!”<<endl;

if(TheSphereDone == false){




March 12, 2012 / elandar1

Is that Code I see?

At last the engine is starting to be put together and it is looking pretty good so far… I am hoping to have some really cool things to show everyone soon too. Right now though I am doing all the slow monotonous work of building the game Engine before I start having all the cool stuff and making The Sphere finish in no time. I have decided to name the engine Claudius II because it is the second version of Claudius redone with a couple of third-party libraries to reduce time required to build the engine. So far it is coming along nicely, but then I have just started. I already have two managers done (with a third shortly after), and will start seeing and hearing some of the effects soon. Then I get to see if I did it right or not =P.

In the meantime, I have a nice play through video for everyone to enjoy while we keep programming, and get it further along.

February 1, 2012 / elandar1

Life = > The Sphere? Oh dear.

This is CJ in North Carolina

 Hello everyone. This is CJ trying to update everyone on what is going on. Currently Clinton is pretty busy at the moment so I am going to get the ball going (haha) on the rewrite of this project. As stated before the game will be very much like the old game, but written in OpenGL. I am also planning on going to GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Fransisco in March, in relations to us that is the other side of the United States. Hopefully, we will be able to bring back some really cool ideas and put it into The Sphere. We are both busy though, so we are going to be trying our best to get this off the ground and working. I will be getting information and getting some of that wonderful code crunched and decoded and start making the most wonderful game The Sphere =). Wish me Luck. Off to crunching. crunch crunch crunch

  This next summer should be easier as well for us to get this game done seeing as I will finally have internet during the summer. (oh what to do =D).

October 25, 2011 / racoonacoon

A hop, skip, and a jump


A lot of stuff has happened in the past four months. I embraced the pony within and admitted my deep love for MLP:FiM, I dropped out of college, I was blessed with two jobs, I purchased a NetFlix subscription, and I lost all the hair on my head.

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Unfortuantly, though a fair deal has happened in my strain of existence, not much has happened with The Sphere. One of the larger reasons is that, when working full tilt, 50 hours of my week magically goes away. The other is that, when I do have free time, I am generally working on getting an old game of mine (Didgery) ported over to PC, or watching NetFlix (or fantasizing about Equestria.) Didgery’s port is pretty much completed, although I still have to spend a bit of time finishing up all the Forbidden Parchment story line stuff. If I want it to be really good I also need to integrate with the goodies offered by the portals I plan to distribute on, such as IndieCity’s or Desura’s achievement wrappers. I was able to integrate with IndieCity’s ICE library in a single day, so I guess I need to focus on Desura next. After that I need to start getting in contact with Indie Press Sites so they will hopefully give it a review. Ahh, the life of an Indie.

So here I was minding my own business yesterday when all of the sudden I get a call from a Mr. CJ on Skeep. I promptly reject the call, plug in my headphones, and call him back. Turns out that he has the itch to work on The Sphere again. We talked for roughly an hour, during which we both describe our current situation with life/time, and discover that both of us are  busy little critters. Basically, work on The Sphere is going to move slow for a while, but that is not to say that work will not get done. I’m going to attempt and split my time between Didgery and the Claudius Graphics Engine (Claudius is our in-house engine that The Sphere will be built on) so at least some work will be getting done.

We also went over some of the things that we really need to get into the engine as a first pass to allow smooth development with The Sphere. At the core we will need to engineer a SceneGraph and its associated managers to allow our 3D games to render efficiently. We will also need to build a Vector/Matrix library (perhaps with AVX and SSE support), and finalize windowing management with SDL. CJ suggested that we integrate Bullet into Claudius so that we can have professional grade physics. We will also need solid support for shaders, a method to input meshes, and an efficient and workable component-oriented architecture.

CJ made mention of developing an in-game level editor. While I like the idea, I suggested we lower the priority on that one, as developing a solid user interface that smoothly integrates with the complex back-ends of a graphics system can be very complicated. (Form development in and of itself tends to be somewhat easy, but it always manages to be very time consuming in one way or another.) When/If we do get around to doing this, however, I think we should keep the QT framework in mind, as it could prove to be a great way to build the editor in a cross-platform way.

There is a TON of stuff to get done. CJ and I make a pretty good team, though, so I think we can do it, assuming we can find the time. Wish us luck!